TOTY 2016

Question Title


Question Title

* 1. Please rank your top 5 favorite episode titles from 2016 (1 = favorite)

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Those Chickens Burn Back
Ice Fractals
Beefy Mess
Pigeon Drop
Haunted Strip Club
Fiber Wire Bribe
Suck It, Horses
Facepalm Trees
Kole Shoulder
The Yadda Yadda Button
Dolphin Puncher XD
Half Cheeking It
Shenmue Three's Company
Appetizer Alamo
Baby Vape
Needs More Wolf Junk
The Problem Must Be You
Super Mario Entrapment
Bring Me the Pump Action, Jeeves
This is Zubat Country
Deported to Flavor Country
Articulate Stupidity
You Should Feel Bad
Bland White People Names
Not for Long, Then Forever
The Ol' Crazy Hole
Saving it for the Memoir
Quarter to Third Mons
A Sinner's Buffet of Monsters to Slay
Table Flippin'
Sneaky Sneaky Guy
Chrono Trigger Warning
Snake Lipton
Corvax is Corvax for Corvax
Pop Linguistics
I Feel Nothing
2 Ash 2 Furious
Piss, Vinegar, and Tears
A Lot of Bucket Play
Professional Fun Haver
My Hips Are My Bond