Addressing Unsafe Practice

Addressing Unsafe Practice

* 1. Please read the scenario and click all that apply.

This scenario is  from the CNA Code of Ethics and  addresses  questions about unsafe practice.

The scenario discusses a situation that raises difficult issues for nurses and the witnessing of practice that interferes with the ability to provide safe competent and ethical care.

Scenario in the ER

 A young man named Mario had arrived in an agitated state. It wasn’t possible to sedate Mario because he had a head injury. How ever Mario needed to have a chest tube inserted. Lisa a RN overheard a med student announce that he had never put in a chest tube before, but he felt confident that he could do so. On the basis of this statement the trauma surgeon allowed the med student to proceed while supervising. Because the patient was moving about the tube was put in incorrectly and the tube had to be taken out and reinserted following an x ray. Lisa the RN didn’t feel it was her place to suggest that the medical student’s first tube insertion may be better done with a calmer patient and with more time for the procedure, so she didn’t say anything. However, she did record the full names of the student and the surgeon and later documented exactly what had transpired.

 What guidance does the code of ethics for Registered Nurses provide in dealing with a situation such as this?
Read through the options below and consider what addressing unsafe practice actions you may take.
If you were confronted by a situation like this, what immediate action should you consider?