1. Users and Usage

This survey is designed to collect data on what type of people are using the ZotWheels program and how they are using it.

* 1. Are you a ZotWheels member?

* 2. How often do you use the ZotWheels bikes?

* 3. When you use the ZotWheels bikes, what is the purpose of your travel?

* 4. When you use the ZotWheels bikes, how long do you generally have the bike in your possession? (From the time you check it out until you return it)

* 5. What is the approximate distance of your average trip on the ZotWheels bikes?

* 6. The trip(s) that you take with the ZotWheels bikes were previously taken by which mode?

* 7. Are the bike stations in convenient locations for you?

* 8. What is your relationship to UC Irvine?

* 9. Residency

  Yes No
Do you live on campus?
If not, do you live in Irvine?

* 10. How many days per week are you on campus, on average?