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On January 14th, the Office of the Mayor launched a survey to gather information about the City of Portland’s response to the recent winter storm. Six hundred people responded to the survey, and provided critical feedback on walking, transit, and driving conditions during the storm. Almost immediately after releasing the survey, we realized that we had failed to consider bicycle transportation.

The Mayor’s office is committed to bicycles: we believe that proper bicycle infrastructure is a key to the sustainable, livable city that Portland is and strives to be. Bicycle infrastructure improvements are a key part of Mayor Adams’ 100 day plan, and are a crucial part of making Portland the “greenest city on earth.”

With that in mind, the Office of the Mayor is hoping to collect data about bicycling during the storm. The following questions were written by the City's Bicycle Advisory Committee. It is our hope that information gathered from this survey will help us improve conditions for our city’s riders during the next storm. Thank you for your patience and assistance!

* 1. Did you attempt to bike during the recent snowstorms?

* 2. If yes, were you able to reach your destination(s) by bike?

* 3. If yes, what were the conditions, for bikes, of Portland's roadways?

* 4. Following the snow melt, how soon did the City remove gravel or storm debris from your bike route(s)

* 5. If biking is your primary mode of transportation and you chose not to bike during the storm, what were some reasons?

* 6. If bicycling is your primary mode of transportation and you chose not to bike, what mode of transportation did you most commonly use?

* 7. How would you rate TriMet's accommodation for bikes during the storms?

* 8. Other comments or suggestions