1. Web Survey1 - U Az - CCS

1. Thank you for taking this very brief survey.

It will help us to plan --- for consciousness-related Webcourses and Web Seminars from the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona. We are currently in the process of adopting audio/video conferencing software to run our small Discussion Groups for the courses. That makes everybody's experiences more personal and enjoyable.

At the end of the survey you will find a link (url) that brings you to free articles and an "iTunes U" podcast on "WebCourse: Positive Conscious Experiences" and our "Advanced Seminar" both starting on March 13, 2010. The Advanced Seminar will continue from the Fall term.

You can also find the free podcast using your iTunes program. Just search on "iTunes Store" for a few words like "Bernard Baars, Consciousness, University of Arizona." If you do not use iTunes you can find the audio podcast at the link given below.

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2. How would your rate your personal level of interest in the topic of consciousness, altered states, "higher" states, and the human brain?

3. How many books, workshops, classes, and the like have you explored on these topics?

4. What other educational or other experiences have you had that are relevant to the broad topic of consciousness? (Please don't be shy! Your educational and/or technical background is important.)

5. Would you call your primary interests (mark as many as you like):

6. Have you attended previous University of Arizona, Center for Consciousness Studies programs? Either web-based courses, conferences in Tucson or elsewhere (Hong Kong, Denmark, or elsewhere)?

(Please feel free to give us your thoughts on this question as well --- how you liked your experiences, what you would like to see in the future, and so on).

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7. Please tell us how interested you are in the following possibilities:

  Not at all A little I'd like that I'd like that a lot N/A
7. Software that is designed to gently move one's thoughts in a positive direction and away from too much negativity
6. Videoconferencing along the same lines, with additional conversations in small groups.
8. Software that is scientifically designed to enable me to explore and gently alter my conscious experiences in a positive way.
5. Audioconferencing with other people like myself, and with the professor, to explore the topic of consciousness live and in person.
3. A college level course on UN-conscious and intuitive mental processes, Freud, Jung, and modern psychology.
1. A college level course on human consciousness and the brain.
2. A graduate-level Advanced Seminar in Mind, Brain & Consciousness.
4. Positive conscious experiences - science and practice.

8. Thank you for helping us learn more about you.

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Please feel free to add any other suggestions.

The Center for Consciousness Studies, Univesity of Arizona, can be found on the web at www.consciousness.arizona.edu

By pasting the url link below into your browser you will be directed to Dr. Baars' webpage with educational materials on the topic of consciousness. Feel free to download any material of interest to you. Please protect the copyrights of the various owners by limiting it to personal use only.

An introductory audio podcast is available free on iTunes U, or from the same website. Additional podcasts will be posted on YouTube and iTunes.

Dr. Baars' Consciousness Seminar site for CCS courses is:

LINK: https://sites.google.com/site/conseminar/

Be sure to keep a copy of these links if you want to use them again.

9. To register for the introductory WebCourse on *Positive Conscious Experiences --- Science and Practice,* or the *Advanced Seminar: Mind, Brain & Consciousness* with Dr. Baars, please contact center@consciousness.arizona.edu, or visit CCS at www.consciousness.arizona.edu for more information.

Dr. Baars' professional information can be found on Wikipedia and at www.nsi.edu .