2009-10 Team Member Survey

Hi Team!
Thank you for your hardwork, and congratulations again [:
Please fill out this form regarding your thoughts about the competition and indicate your availability for the Canada trip.
We appreciate your responses!

* 1. As the first team, we receive paid registration for up to 5 students plus the lead faculty member at the 19th WHEC Conference, 3-7 June 2012(http://www.whec2012.com/), Toronto, Canada. Would you be interested in participating in the trip?

* 2. As we are only given 5 paid registrations for the conference, please comment on your motivations for participating. (eg. Your past contribution to the team; your commitment to leading the next Princeton H2 team; etc, etc. This question is optional and stress-free! )

* 3. Are you interested in editing the final report?

* 4. How did you like our teamwork? What do you think should be improved? (Optional, but we appreciate your thoughts!)

* 5. Please indicate your level of interest in future participation in Princeton-IAHE.

  No interest It depends on my availability I want to remain as a member I want to be a team-captain/officer I want to lead the PU-Chapter! N/A

* 6. Please leave your suggestions for the organizers of Hydrogen Design Competition: How did you like/dislike about it? Any changes you might suggest? (Note: please try to input serious comment; you may receive credits from IAHE.)

* 7. Please leave your name and email.

* 8. Thank you for your time and input! Please leave any other comments here.