* 1. What are your concerns/issues as a commuter student at the University of Tulsa?

* 2. How would you like CARS (Commuter Advocacy and Resource Society) to help you as a commuter student?

* 3. What is the biggest problem you face when driving to campus?

* 4. What activities/events/field trips would you participate in with CARS?

* 5. What community service projects would you participate in?

* 6. How far (how many miles or minutes) do you commute to get to campus?

* 7. If we make promotional items for CARS, what should they include? (e.g., t-shirt designs, pencils, brochures, business cards). Please list any ideas you have.

* 8. Would you buy a $10 t-shirt to promote CARS? (yes or no)

What color would you like the t-shirt to be? (please provide color)

* 9. What meeting/activity times would work the best for you, as a commuter student?

* 10. Is there any other feedback you would like to give to CARS?