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100% of survey complete.

* 1. Which of the following natural hazards have adversely affected/damaged your present home or property in the past?

* 2. Has your health been affected by vog?

* 3. Select the natural hazards that you think may affect you and your family or property most adversely in the future.

* 4. If none of the above hazards were a factor in your home or employment decisions, why not? (Answer either this question 4 or question 5 below only.)

* 5. If any of these hazards were important factors in selecting the location of your home or employment, which were they?

* 6. From what sources do you get information on natural hazards and the amount of risk associated with them?

* 7. Which of these hazards need to have more information available to the public?

* 8. What ways could the State or City make hazard information more available to you?

* 9. Are there any other natural hazards that you think are not included that we should consider?

* 10. On an importance scale of H (high), M (medium), or L (low), which of these hazards are the most important for your personal planning/preparation?

  H M L
high winds / storm damage
high surf
rockfalls & landslides
highway / road closure
coastal erosion

* 11. Check if any of the following describe why you would not be able to strengthen your home for the next disaster.

* 12. Let us know if you would like the State or City to assist you in any of the following ways:

* 13. What projects do you believe the government should try to fund in order to reduce the damage and disruption caused by natural hazards? [Rate each of these by an importance scale of H (high), M (medium), L (low).]

  H M L
Retrofit and strengthen essential facilities such as hospitals.
Retrofit the infrastructure, such as the harbors, airports, and highways and bridges, to make them more reliable.
Work on improving the reliability of power and communications.
Work on improving the reliability of the supply infrastructure for essential goods.
Improve safety in the schools and public shelters.
Improve the way government facilities are built or located to resist tsunamis and storms.
Improve the publicly available maps and zonation that identifies the risk of these hazards.
Improve the standards used in the construction of new buildings and homes to prevent or lessen damage.
Allow grants, tax credits and/or insurance discounts for strengthening my home or place of business.
Provide more public information on how to reduce damage and our losses, and what insurance is available.
Work on highways and city roadways to reduce the amount of rockfalls and landslide blockage.
Work on flood control construction.
Work on dam and strengthen safety.

* 14. Check which, if any, hazard mitigation statement you most agree with:

* 15. We need information to better understand your concerns:

* 16. Where do you live?

* 17. Are you

* 18. Do you:

* 19. Is your residence a:

* 20. What do you plan on doing that could most help you prepare or protect your family and home from the next disaster?