Head Cheer Coach Application

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* 1. 2022 DAA Cheer Coach Application 

Please complete the following questionnaire. We will contact you to let you know the dates and times for interviews.

**Please keep in mind all coaches must pass a DAA and GFL background check. All information regarding DAA's background check policy can be found on our website www.dacula.com**

Please provide your contact information. 




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* 3. Please provide your overall philosophy as a coach. Explain why you want to be a DAA Head Cheerleading Coach, providing your relevant coaching / leadership experience that qualifies you to be a Head Cheerleading Coach.

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* 4. If you already have people who would like to be on your coaching staff, please list them below. 

Assistant Coach 1: 

Assistant Coach 2: 

Assistant Coach 3: 

Team Manager 1: 

Team Manager 2:

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* 5. We will be offering coaches clinics and roundtables during the summer; what topics could we cover that would help you in preparing for the season?

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* 8. Please provide up to 3 references: 

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Reference 3:

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* 9. Please provide any other information or feedback you feel we should know.