Conference Financial Aid Information

14th National Conference on Hydrocephalus
June 16-19, 2016 ■ Minneapolis, MN

Guidelines for Applicants

Who May Apply
Individuals and families who cannot afford to attend the conference. Up to two members in the same household may be eligible for financial aid.

Financial aid applications must be completed by May 7, 2016. Recipients will be notified by May 15, 2016.

Amount You May Request
The Hydrocephalus Association will consider requests for Full Conference Participant Registrations; limited to two people in one household. We regret that we cannot underwrite travel, lodging or other expenses. For additional tips on how to make conference more affordable please visit:

1. Register for the conference online at 14th National Conference on Hydrocephalus. When you reach the payment screen, choose the "check" to pay later. Please note, if you are not selected, you can go back to edit your registration, or, pay at a later date.

2. Complete a Financial Aid Application Form for EACH participant.

Application Check List:
___ A completed financial aid application
___ A completed conference registration

For questions, please contact Megeen White, Support Program Coordinator at or (301) 202-3811 or (888) 598-3789.

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