Welcome to the Bethlehem Food Cooperative Survey.

We are interested in learning more about your shopping habits and your opinions about having a cooperative food market in Bethlehem. The store would emphasize local, sustainable, humane and natural food systems. At this early stage of development, the location of the new store and other specifics are not yet decided. This survey will help make those decisions.

Please take a moment to answer the questions on the following pages to help us determine whether or not a food cooperative is the right thing for our community and if so, where it should be located. There is no right or wrong answer. The information that you give will remain confidential and all data will only be analyzed in aggregate.

What is a cooperative? Co-ops look like any other business; they provide products just as conventional businesses do, but a cooperative also exists to serve its members. What makes a co-op business different from other stores is that the members of the co-op are also the owners.

Please feel free to forward this survey on to whoever may be interested to ensure we obtain a broad-based response from the entire area. Here is the link for the survey

Only one response per household (a household refers to a family or group of people living together) is allowed, duplicate entries will be removed. Please complete the survey as soon as possible.

If you experience difficulties or have a question, please contact us at