This is our school and your voice is important to us.

* 1. Leonora District High School provides high quality instruction to my child.

* 2. Leonora District High School has high expectations for all students.

* 3. I feel welcome to participate in this school.

* 4. School staff treat me with respect.

* 5. School staff take my concerns seriously.

* 6. School staff welcome my suggestions.

* 7. School staff respond to my queries and needs in a timely manner.

* 8. School staff are helpful

* 9. My child's background (race, religion, ethnicity) is valued at this school.

* 10. This school is explicit about rules, responsibilities and consequences.

* 11. At this school discipline is fair and consistent.

* 12. My child is safe on school grounds

* 13. Two stars and a wish.