Crawford Sebastian Community Development Council would like your input to better serve you.

* 1. City and County where you live.

* 2. Check one of these choices to let us know who completed the survey:

Choose the answer that reflects your opinion on the need for each item.

* 3. Employment needs. I need....

  Don't know Not needed Rarely needed Needed Very needed
Help finding a job
Help with job skills, training or applications

* 4. Education needs. I need ....

GED classes
English as a second language classes
Adult education or night school
Computer skills training
Assistance to attend trade or technical school or college  

* 5. Family support needs. I need ....

Financial education/budgeting classes/ credit counseling
Parenting classes
Nutrition education/healthy eating education workshops
Classes on healthy relationships, resolving conflicts, etc
Counseling services
Programs and activities for youth (ages 12-18) 
Programs for seniors

* 6. Case management needs. I need ....

Assistance with goals and self-sufficiency

* 7. Basic and Emergency needs. I or my family need....

Help with applying for Social Security, SSDI, WIC, TANF, etc.
Help finding resources in the community
Finding affordable housing
Help paying rent
Help with utility bills
Help to make my house more energy efficient (Weatherization)
Finding child care
Legal service

* 8. Medical needs. I or my family need ....

Health Insurance or  affordable medical or dental care
Prescription assistance

* 9. My community needs more ....

Neighborhood clean-up projects
Crime awareness or crime reduction
Public parks and facilities
Employment opportunities 
Tell us about yourself.

* 10. Are you the Head of the Household

* 11. Sex

* 12. Race

* 13. Ethnicity

* 14. Your age.

* 15. Education level

* 16. Yearly house hold income range.