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Once you have completed your examination, you are required to print the test and send it to the above address for grading or you may fax the examination to 402-742-1106
This examination is an open-book examination required as a condition of your probation.  It is comprised of 50 multiple-choice questions covering the Laws and Rules and Regulations relating to Cosmetology and the Uniform Credentialing Act.  Copies of these documents can be found on the web site at:  http://dhhs.ne.gov/publichealth/pages/crlCosmCosiEsthRegsStats.aspx
Those passing the exam will receive a certificate of completion and you will receive 2 hours of CE.  The passing score required is 75%.  

* 1. Once a completed application is received by the Department, the Department has ______ days to issue or deny the license..

* 2. A licensee must hold in confidence:

* 3. Licensee’s need to report address changes to:

* 4. Reusing of the wax applicator is acceptable when:

* 5. Paraffin wax removed from a clients hand:

* 6. According to the Uniform Credentialing Act, the Department establishes credentialing fees by:

* 7. Which of the following is not a reason for denying an establishment license?

* 8. Grounds on which the Department may deny, refuse renewal, or discipline a license:

* 9. If you do not report that you have been convicted of a misdemeanor, you may:

* 10. If you are convicted of a felony, you must provide:

* 11. The Department may deny, refuse, limit, suspend or revoke licenses for the following:

* 12. If a licensee permits, aids, or abets any of the practices regulated under the Cosmetology Practice Act or the performance of activities requiring a license by a person who is not licensed, he or she may have his/her license:

* 13. Which of the following are you not required to report to the Department?

* 14. Alcohol is allowed to be in a licensed salon:

* 15. A licensee may request a home service permit in order to provide services to clients who:

* 16. A cosmetologist can not do?

* 17. An establishment license will automatically expire upon:

* 18. Which of the following is not allowed in a licensed establishment?

* 19. The Department shall conduct an unannounced on-site inspection of each establishment to ascertain whether or not:

* 20. Which of the following is not required to be posted in the establishment?

* 21. All disinfectants used in an establishment must be approved by:

* 22. In piped footbaths, the disinfectant must stay in the tub for:

* 23. Handwashing is required:

* 24. Styling tools (round brush, picks, etc) must be properly disinfected:

* 25. If a cut occurs, the licensee must:

* 26. Proper disinfection includes:

* 27. Which of the following can not be reused?

* 28. What is MSDS?

* 29. When a licensee wants to place his/her license on inactive status, s/he must:

* 30. Establishments renew:

* 31. Topics a Nail Technician can choose for continuing competency (CE) as a condition of renewal are:

* 32. The number of continuing competency hours all licensees (except instructors) must obtain in order to renew his/her license on active status is:

* 33. All licenses must be renewed:

* 34. A licensee is required to report misdemeanor/felony convictions to the Department:

* 35. Cosmetology Instructors are required to have the following continuing competency hours:

* 36. To reactivate an inactive license, the applicant must:

* 37. Continuing competency (CE) earned through homestudy is:

* 38. A licensee may request a waiver of continuing competency (CE), if:

* 39. What are the reasons that your license may expire?

* 40. A temporary license may be extended for emergencies or other valid circumstances, for:

* 41. How many times can a temporary license be renewed?

* 42. Registration as a temporary practitioner expires as follows:

* 43. A supervisor for a temporary licensee must:

* 44. A person who (practices or) operates an establishment prior to issuance of a license or after their license expires is subject to:

* 45. Conspicuous place means:

* 46. EPA means:

* 47. The owner must ensure that an MSDS for every product pertaining to cosmetology, esthetics, and nail technician client services are:

* 48. A salon must have how much floor space for 3 licensees:

* 49. Which of the following may be considered an act of unprofessional conduct when committed by a person licensed or registered under the Cosmetology, Electrology, Esthetics, Nail Technology, and Body Art Practice Act:

* 50. A nail technician may provide the following service(s):

Once you have completed your examination, you are required to print the test and send it to the above address for grading. Be sure you print the test before you click the "DONE" option or you will not longer be able to access or print your test.

* 51. Enter your name

* 52. License Number

* 53. Are you taking this examination for: