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Welcome to West Texas A&M University! The fall semester will be here sooner than we think and settling in as a new faculty member is always an adventure. As you can imagine, there are many details to be attended to as we begin a new academic year. To help you understand more about these tasks and how to accomplish them, we have created a brief pre-orientation. Completing this will help provide you with some important information that will better equip you to begin the semester.

This orientation should take ten to fifteen minutes of your time. It is important that you fill out the form at the end of the session so we can record that you have completed the online pre-orientation.

The following topics will be covered:

Section I: New Employee Information
1. Identification numbers and Buffalo Gold Card
2. Faculty email and calendar
3. Required System training
4. Parking Permit
5. Payroll
6. Benefits
7. Sedona

Section II: Policies & Procedures
2. Faculty Handbook
3. Core course mid-term grades

Section III: Preparing for Classes
1. Course syllabus
2. Angel
3. Other resources