* 1. My child likes this school.

* 2. My child has the opportunity to take part in liturgies, spiritual activities, charitable efforts and leadership opportunities.

* 3. My child feels safe at this school.

* 4. My child knows an adult in school who will listen if they have a problem.

* 5. My child is making good progress at this school.

* 6. This school meets my child's particular needs.

* 7. This school ensures my child is well looked after.

* 8. My child is taught well at this school.

* 9. Staff have high expectations.

* 10. This school helps my child to develop skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics.

* 11. Staff treat all children fairly and with respect.

* 12. There is a good standard of behaviour at this school.

* 13. This school deals with cases of bullying effectively. (Bullying includes persistent name-calling, cyber, racist and homophobic bullying.)

* 14. This school helps me to support my child's learning.

* 15. This school responds well to my concerns.

* 16. There are a good range of extra curricular activities available.

* 17. This school keeps me well informed.

* 18. If you wish to add any further comments please use the box below. Please do not refer to individual members of staff by name. Thank you for your time completing the survey.

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