1. Faculty and Staff Mail Forwarding

Thank you for visiting this site to change your address. Support Services understands that the next several months will be unpredictable and you may not be able to keep office hours on campus. If you would like Support Services to forward your mail for the summer, please fill out the information below. All first class mail will be forwarded on a daily basis and any campus mail can be mailed on a weekly basis and be charged to your department. By choosing the campus mail forwarding, you agree to these postage charges to your account.

* 1. Forwarding Address:

* 2. Please provide your Concordia e-mail address. We will be confirming your change of address with this e-mail. Please make sure this is typed correctly! Your forwarding address will not be added unless we can validate your CTX e-mail!

* 3. I choose to have my campus mail sent to my forwarding address on a weekly basis and my departmental account will be charged for the postage.