Thank you for agreeing to provide feedback on PACT. This questionnaire has three sections: Website, Modules and Access. It should take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

* 1. What is your overall opinion of PACT

Section A: Website

* 2. What are your views on the redesign of the PACT homepage

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree or disagree Agree Strongly agree
The design is attractive
The colour is attractive
The font is easy to read
The homepage is easy to navigate
Listing of updated modules is clear
Module classification methods are helpful
News section is useful
Feedback (survey monkey) facility is useful
Contact us facility is useful

* 3. Thinking about the classification of modules on the homepage, which route do you use most frequently to access the modules

Section B: Modules

* 4. Do you use PACT

  Never Occasionally Regularly Only use PACT at this location N/A
At home
In your ICU
In your hospital
In your hospital library

* 5. If you answered 'Elsewhere' in Q3, please specify ...

* 6. Would you buy an App to use PACT on your smart phone, if available

* 7. Thinking about the updated modules, which format do you prefer

* 8. Do you print the pdf to study/read a module?

* 9. How useful do you find the links to

  Not at all useful Not very useful Have not used Useful Very useful
Intensive Care Medicine journal full text pdfs
Intensive Care: A Concise Textbook pdfs
Oxford Desk Reference: Critical Care pdfs
ESICM flash conference lectures
PubMed abstracts
Module formularies
Basic course videos and images (Mechanical ventilation and Airway management modules – pilot project)

* 10. How useful do you find the search engine

* 11. What are your views on the following module elements

  Not at all helpful Not very helpful Neither Helpful Very helpful
‘Learning issues’ in the clinical scenarios (PATCHs)
Questions and Answers in text
The MCQs
Section C: Access

* 12. Are you

* 13. How important was free access to the PACT programme to your decision to become an ESICM member

* 14. How important would free access to the PACT programme be if you were recommending PACT to a colleague

* 15. Regular email notification advise of updated modules. Do you

  No Yes N/A
Receive the notification
Find the notification useful
Use the links to the update

* 16. Would you encourage (non-ESICM) colleagues to use PACT if the programme was available in your hospital library

* 17. Would you want to have the PACT programme available from your hospital library

* 18. Please use this space for additional comments or suggestions. We welcome suggestions of materials e.g. new modules, case studies, data for inclusion in the programme and notification of any errors or omissions you have encountered in the programme. These can also be emailed to

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey