In an effort to assess our customer service, we are asking you as a customer, to complete this short survey.  We hope that you will take the time to evaluate your experience with the city's Community Development Department.  Your response will help us identify what we are doing right and where you believe we may need to make improvements.
If you would like to share comments not specific to an application process, you may submit your comments via email at  Thank you for your time and thoughts.

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Understanding of your business requirements
Clearly communicating review comments and technical or policy issues relevant to your application in a timely manner
Keeping you informed of progress
Responding promptly to questions, complaints, and other problems
Staff courtesy
Website content and ease of use

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We appreciate your taking the time to complete this survey.  All responses will be reviewed by the departments of Community Development, Community Relations, and members of senior staff.  While we may not take specific actions in response to an individual survey, overall responses will be used in evaluation and direction of city performance measures.

Because of the unique specifics surrounding each planning project, we can't guarantee the anonymity of responses.  Survey responses are subject to the Tennessee Public Records Act  (T.C.A. § 10-7-501 et seq.).

If you would like for us to respond to you please check one of the boxes below and complete the contact information.  You may also contact the Community Development Department at any time either by phone, 423-989-5514, or by email at:

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