This survey is anonymous! However, if you would like to have a final copy of this report, please provide email address below.

* 1. Please provide email address for free copy of report.

* 2. What is your role at your company?

* 3. Does your company have an ethics training program?

* 4. Does your company’s ethics program include discussions of internal controls?

* 5. If your company has an ethics training program, do you believe your company’s ethics training program is effective?

* 6. Please describe what you believe makes your company’s program effective if you answered Yes to 5 above or not effective if you answered No to 5 above

* 7. Has your company adopted the following (select all that apply):

* 8. How effective do you believe COSO and SOX have been in preventing fraud and unethical behavior?

* 9. What do you believe is the most common way of unethical behavior being caught?

* 10. Is your company’s ethics training conducted through

* 11. Do you believe your company’s ethics training program should be conducted differently?

* 12. If you answered Yes to question 11, which methodology currently not being used would you believe would make your ethics training more effective?

* 13. Does your company have a whistleblower hotline?

* 14. Do you feel that the organization does enough to protect employees from retaliation that use/or will use the hotline

* 15. Do you feel that if you report unethical behavior there will retaliation for speaking up or penalized for reporting it?

* 16. What would you like to tell your management about your ethics training? (Results will be aggregated and anonymously included in the final report)