* 1. What is your age ?

* 2. Do you watch films regularly ?

  reguarly. often sometimes never
please scale as appropriate.

* 3. What gender are you ?

* 4. What is your ethnicity ? (please shade in the appropriate box)

* 5. Rank the order of these films, in terms of enjoyment.

  Great. Good. Not much. Not at all.
Bridget Jones's Diary / The 40-year-old Virgin. (rom-com)
Harry Brown / Snakes on a Plane. (thriller)
Big Momma's House / Me, Myself and Irene. (comedy)
Mission Impossible / Catwoman. (action)

* 6. Regarding the highest rated film genre (above), why have you chosen this ?

* 7. What genre of music do you listen to (the most) ? (please shade in the appropriate box)

* 8. How regularly do you view films at the cinema ?

  A lot Quite often Sometimes Not much
please scale as appropriate.

* 9. In your opinion, where do you find advertisements more often, and more useful ? (shade 3 appropriate boxes)

* 10. What is your occupation ?