These questions have been modelled on the biblical story of Joshua crossing the River Jordan and celebrating God’s faithfulness by selecting 12 stones from the river to build a memorial. In light of that story, please answer the questions below.

* 1. What are up to 12 things we can celebrate as we reflect back on the past 10 years? (Chose up to 12 “stones” to celebration of God’s faithfulness to us as a Diocese.)

* 2. What things do we need to leave behind on the bank of the River Jordan as we move forward? (You need to pack light and can’t fit all the ‘baggage’ in the boat.)

* 3. What things must we take with us? (What are the good things we can take with us into the Promised Land?)

* 4. How do we ensure that we all cross together, or will some be left on the bank?

* 5. What are our hopes for what the future? (What the Promised Land will look like?)

* 6. What are some of the challenges we face ahead? (What will our battles be to take possession of the land?)

* 7. Given where we have come from a, what are three essential qualities we should be looking for in a Bishop to lead us on the journey into the Promised Land?