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The BFHS Network Radio Show is coming back- this time for lunchtime!

The BFHS Network Radio Show is coming back- this time for lunchtime!

* 1. With the return of the BFHS Network Radio Show... we are going to do 30 minute lunchtime show. What time would you say would be the best for you that you would listen? (All Times listed in CST)

* 2. Would you be interested in being on the show to talk about your business or events? (Time on the show appx: 15-20 minutes)

* 3. If you answered Yes to question #2, do you have your own theme music (just kidding)? Would you be ready to go on March 2011?

* 4. What's the earliest date you would be available?


* 5. Please provide a brief bio about you and/or your business- and one question that you would like for us to discuss on the show!

* 6. Your Social Media Web Connections? (Please enter Urls or domain names; example http://facebook.com/blackfolkhotspots)

* 7. Are you a member of The BFHS Network? as you should:) how would you rate us? 1 Star=sucks 5 Star=awesome

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* 8. Please add your comments/thoughts to provide us with more details of your ratings to what would make The BFHS Network #1 in your book and 5 Stars across the board (we can't improve if you never tell us your thoughts)

* 9. Please fill out the following info... so that we can discuss dates and bio's.