Dear Rockets for Schools Teams,

The Rockets for Schools Planning Committee is continually looking for ways to ensure the promotion of STEM and team building through this event while acknowledging safety for all participants and staff is Number 1.  However ongoing challenges and uncertainty of Covid-19 restrictions, along with reconstruction of the South Pier in the Sheboygan Harbor, the Committee is exploring alternative formats for the 2021 Rockets for Schools event.  As a Committee we are committed to providing the participants and mentors the best experience we can offer while still providing a safe environment for the event activities.  To assist the Committee in planning, we would appreciate your input on several proposed event formats focused on an enjoyable learning experience and safe launch.

 Thank you for your time and input.

 Rockets for Schools Planning Committee

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* 1. At this point are you hoping to field a team to participate in our Rockets for Schools event?

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* 2. If yes:

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* 3. Because of the uncertainty with the future Covid-19 restrictions, the planning committee is looking at alternative formats for the next Rockets for Schools event. Please review the three scenarios below and rank then in order of your preference.

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* 4. Please let us know of any additional thoughts you my have.

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