Thank you for taking the time to complete the Silver Lane neighborhood planning survey. The information you share will be used as part of a Silver Lane neighborhood planning grant application for a program called "Working Cities Challenge". By taking the survey, we hope to get a better understanding of your hopes and dreams for your community and identify a shared goal to improve the neighborhood.

* 1. Name (optional)

* 2. Age

* 3. Gender

* 4. Race

* 5. Do you rent or own your home?

* 6. Number of people in household

* 7. Are you a parent or caregiver?

* 8. If you are a parent of caregiver, please list the ages of children in your home.

* 9. What does community mean to you?

* 10. What are your hopes and dreams for your community?

* 11. What makes it difficult to achieve those hopes and dreams in your community? (Please check all that apply)

* 12. What would help in overcoming those difficulties to improve your community?