Maine Fire Protection Services Commission Training Facility Data Revisions

Please refer to the following definitions when answering the questions:

CORE COURSES – Classes and skill sessions provided prior to assignment as an emergency responder and practiced regularly. (such as basic fire, FF I & II, Fire Officer, EMS, Basic Pumps, Driver/Operator, EVOC, HazMat Awareness)

ENHANCED COURSES– Classes and skill sessions necessary to meet specific and higher hazard emergencies. (such as Fire Officer III & IV, operation level rescue, WMD, commercial and industrial fire suppression, injury Prevention, HazMat Operations)

SPECIALTY COURSES– Classes and skills necessary to manage highly dangerous incidents with potential for widespread and deadly consequences. (such as HazMat/WMD Technician, mass casualty, advanced technical rescues, aircraft firefighting, cold/swift water, high angle, and wilderness rescue)

* 1. Approximately how many members did you train last year in the following types of courses?

* 2. Approximately how many training hours did each member average last year?

* 3. Do you anticipate that these numbers will change during the coming year?

* 6. Do you have your own or a nearby facility where you are able to train on the following types of training? (please answer for each type of training)

  Yes No

* 8. What specialized training needs would you like to have available for your Department?

* 9. Would you support a Statewide bond issue to fund Fire Training Facilities in Maine that meet current standards?

* 10. Please tell us the number of staffing on your Department

* 11. For assistance with mapping the results of this data please enter your zip code.

* 12. Agency Information

* 13. Thank you for your participation with this survey. Please add any additional comments: