This is a short survey for IASA members to gauge the level of interest in moving from paper to electronic journal delivery.

Currently the IASA Journal is printed and shipped to all members and subscribers each time an issue is published. Additionally, all members can login to the IASA website and download (for free) a PDF of the issue.

To reduce costs in the publishing of the IASA Journal, the IASA Board is reviewing the feasibility of moving to an electronic-only strategy for the IASA Journal. Printing and shipping internationally incur the highest costs of producing the Journal. In today's world where many journals are distributed only in electronic form, the IASA Board is surveying IASA members to understand if this is also a possibility for the IASA Journal.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the two questions below.

1. With which of the following statements do you most agree?

2. For how long have you been a IASA member?