We Want to Hear From You: Take Our Gerrymandering Survey

Chaired by former Attorney General Eric Holder, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee was created in 2016 to build a targeted, state-by-state strategy that ensures Democrats can produce fairer maps in the 2021 redistricting process. As we grow our organization, we want to know where the grassroots stand. Take our survey today.

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* Do you know what gerrymandering is?

* Gerrymandering is manipulating the redistricting process to favor one political party over another. Do you believe gerrymandering is fair?

* Which political party do you believe has used gerrymandering more often?

* Republicans have been incredibly advantaged by the gerrymandered maps they put in place in 2010. Do you believe gerrymandering has contributed to Republican control of the House of Representatives?

* In 2012, more Americans voted for a Democratic member of the House of Representatives than a Republican member. What was the result of that election?

* In fact, because of gerrymandering Republicans won 33 (!!!) more seats than Democrats despite winning fewer votes. Do you believe that is acceptable?

* Do you believe gerrymandering has contributed to Republican control of state legislatures around the country?

* In 2016, Hillary Clinton received more votes than Donald Trump. In the same election, which party won more state legislatures?

* In fact, Republicans won both chambers of the legislature in 32 states and one chamber in three more. Do you believe that is acceptable?

* Given what you know, do you believe that gerrymandering makes our elections more or less fair?

* Do you believe that all racial and ethnic groups should have equitable representation in government?

* Did you know that gerrymandering can be used to reduce the political power of minority groups?

* In a number of states, Republicans have packed as many minority voters as possible into one Congressional district, limiting their political influence in surrounding districts. Do you believe this practice should be allowed?

* Do you approve of Republicans in Congress?

* Gerrymandering means that the political leaning of every district is more extreme. This produces a Congress in which Republican members of Congress are more concerned about primary voters than all of the other constituents in their district. Does this concern you?

* Do you believe that gerrymandering gives rise to a Congress that is more conservative?

* Do you believe that gerrymandering allows Republicans to pass right-wing policy disapproved of by a majority of Americans?

* How important do you think it is for Democrats to be prepared for the next round of redistricting so that Republicans don't continue to gerrymander?

* Did you know that President Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder founded the National Democratic Redistricting Committee with the purpose of working to end gerrymandering?

* Are you ready to stand with Democrats in fighting back against gerrymandering?

* Will you chip in $10 to help the National Democratic Redistricting Committee fight Republican gerrymandering and level the playing field for Democrats?

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