1. Online Programs Survey: Quest for the Code

Thank you for playing Quest for the Code! We appreciate your feedback -- please take this brief survey to help us understand how we may improve the quality of this program to better suit your needs.

* 1. Is this your first time playing Quest for the Code?

* 2. How did you learn about Quest for the Code?

* 3. Do you like the design and navigation of the game? Feel free to tell us why or why not.

* 4. Did you find Quest for the Code helpful? What section was most helpful?

* 5. What was your favorite part of the game?

* 6. What was your least favorite part of the game?

* 7. What would you like to see in Quest for the Code that isn't already there?

* 8. How old are you?

* 9. If you're between the ages of 13 and 20, did you check out the Starbright World community?

* 10. Please share any other questions or comments you may have about Quest for the Code.