Smoking/tobacco use is one of the biggest problems affecting the general population and specifically impacts the LGBT community.   In 2016, the estimated rate of adult smoking among the LGBT population was 41.4% in Michigan compared to the state average of 20.4%.  This survey is being done to gain a better understanding of e-cigarette use behaviors and beliefs among LGBT community members, helping to prioritize the right type of treatment to increase the community’s quality and length of life. You are invited to participate in this important voluntary survey.

* 1. What is your gender identity?

* 2. If you identify as transgender, at what age did you transition?

* 3. What is your sexual orientation?

* 4. What is your age group?

* 5. What is your educational level?

* 6. What is your household annual gross  income from all sources?

* 7. What is your Race/ethnicity?

* 8. Do you use e-cigarettes now?

* 9. How many years have you been using e-cigarettes?

* 10. At what age did you start using e-cigarettes?

* 11. What is your current cigarette smoking status?
[*Current Smokers means you have ever smoked at least 100 cigarettes, plus you smoke now.]

* 12. Do you currently smoke regular cigarettes as well as using an e-cigarette?

* 13. Was your aim of using an e-cigarette to help you quit smoking?

* 14. Have you been successful in quitting smoking through the use of an e-cigarette?

* 15. Are you still using e-cigarettes having successfully quit regular cigarette smoking? 

* 16. Would you recommend e-cigarettes as a good way to quit regular cigarette smoking?

* 17. Do you believe that regular cigarettes or e-cigarettes are more addictive?

* 18. Do you believe? (Mark all that apply)

* 19. What are the reasons you use e-cigarettes? (Mark all that apply)

* 20. What flavor would are you more likely to use in an e-cigarette?  (Mark all that apply)

* 21. Have you used or enrolled in any of the following quit smoking/tobacco methods? (Mark all that apply)

* 22. Would you like to quit smoking or using tobacco now?

* 23. Are you aware of the Michigan Tobacco Quitline?

* 24. Will you be interested in a "quit smoking education" session?