Diagnosis Age Survey

Please assist our research to improve diagnosis and patient care by participating in this short, eight question survey. We appreciate your help!

* 1. When in your life were you diagnosed with a dysautonomia? 

* 2. How old were you when you were diagnosed?

* 3. How old are you now?

* 4. When you described your symptoms to a health care professional were you prescribed a sedative, antidepressant drug or told to seek psychiatric help?

* 5. Has fear of being described as anxious or having a psychiatric disorder kept you from seeking further medical help for your dysautonomia?

* 6. Since your diagnosis have your symptoms...?

* 7. Since learning your diagnosis, what is the most difficult aspect of managing your illness?

* 8. If you could teach your doctor(s) one thing about living with a dysautonomia what would you want them to learn?

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