1. Call to Action 2020

USC-STC  is undertaking a unique Call to Action in 2020 to all members of the Unmanned Industry in Canada.

In this unique time of disruption in which we all find ourselves, USC-STC is calling on all stakeholders in the Unmanned Industry to step up and propose remote autonomous projects and solutions that will drive benefits to Canada in the near and medium term.

These solutions will help to engage and employ the industry in these challenging times, drive innovative solutions to commercialization sooner, and provide benefits in a range of applications spaces that could, for example, improve supply chain management and delivery, assist in increasing agricultural outputs or lessen economic/societal impacts of COVID-19.

We are reaching out to our members and industry stakeholders in Canada to determine what efforts can be undertaken immediately in response to this challenge.

This challenge covers both current capabilities that could brought online immediately or in the near future, as well as proposals that could be brought into operation in longer time frames.

If you, your team,  your organization or company believe that you have capability or a proposal that you can offer in response to the USC- STC Call to Action 2020, please fill out the survey below and let us know details about your capability or solution.

USC-STC has already had conversations on this challenge with number of stakeholders. We intend to work with organizations such as Transport Canada and the NRC to assess, connect and potentially assist organizations to bring these capabilities and solutions to bear right now. We intend to be  an Innovation Hub in the Unmanned Space and help to connect the dots.

If you have any questions or would like to get more information, please reach out to USC-STC via email: calltoaction@unmannedsystems.ca. Please feel free to pass this along to others who you think might be able to assist as well.

We are looking forward to our colleagues and stakeholders stepping up to this important Challenge!

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* 1. Do you or your organization have capabilities that could be used to drive key innovations or initiatives as part of Call to ACTION 2020?

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