What Do You Want of Your ABC?

This questionnaire is designed to enable you to provide your views about the ABC in the future as it moves again into uncharted waters. Please complete by 15 October 2017.

ABC Managing Director, Michelle Guthrie, has given her support for ABC Friends’ initiative to provide feedback to ABC Management on what we want of our ABC.

This is your opportunity to be part of that process.
Please let us know if you would like this Survey to be sent to a friend: Office@abcfriends.org.au or (03) 9682 0073

Thank you for your feedback.

* 1. What are the positive suggestions you would like to make to the ABC about new ways of communicating with their Australian listeners and viewers?

* 2. What new program subjects or themes would you like to propose to the ABC?

* 3. What areas of ABC programming could be discarded to better reflect community interests?

* 4. Have you got a subject in mind that you would like to see the ABC come to grips with – comedy, drama, current affairs, the arts, children’s programs, documentaries, science etc ? And how can new technology help in delivering these programs to younger and older audiences?

* 5. Do you have advice for the ABC as to how they can improve communication with Australians about how they reach decisions about programming, staffing and resource allocation?

* 6. What other matters would you like to raise?

* 7. Your name (optional)

* 8. Telephone (optional):

* 9. Email address (optional):

* 10. Postcode: