SCE Climate Adaptation Measures Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

Southern California Edison is looking to get feedback on potential climate adaptation measures to prevent future outages. Some of these measures address specific risks that are increasing due to climate change, such as wildfires, flooding, and extreme heat. More information is included below on each of these measures. Use this information to give your feedback in the survey.


Potential options to prevent outages during wildfire events:  

• Conduct vegetation management

• Fire wrap poles

• Underground wildfire-prone sections of the line

These activities may last approximately 2-5 weeks per mile of intermittent work activities.


Potential SCE actions to prevent power outages due to extreme precipitation events:

• Build new electrical lines

• Create new grid connection ties to unaffected electricity circuits

• Build floodwalls around substations

• Waterproof flood-prone equipment

These activities may last approximately 1-2 months of intermittent work activities.

Extreme heat

Potential option to prevent outages during extreme heat wave events:

• Increase wire size for about one mile of existing circuitry along main streets.

This activity can take 2 – 5 weeks.