1. Performing Arts Program Teacher Feedback

Thank you for joining the Office of School and Community Partnership for the Performing Arts Program. We would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time to give us feedback on the supplemental classroom materials available from Teachers College following the performance. Your comments will directly influence materials provided for future programming.

With any further comments, please feel free to contact us directly at schoolpartnerships@tc.edu
All surveys are anonymous, unless contact information is provided.

* 1. Which performance did you attend through the Performing Arts Program at Teacher's College?

* 2. How long did you spend on all pre-performance and/or follow-up activities in your classroom?

* 3. What materials did you use for these activities?

* 4. If you used the supplemental classroom materials, how did you use them?

* 5. As a result of the live arts experience, did your students seem

* 6. Were the activities easy to use and incorporate into your curriculum?

* 7. How could the supplemental lesson plans be more accessible and/or relevant to you and your students?

* 8. Optional:

Thank you!