System Overview

In the first section, we will ask you some general questions about the reasoner you have worked on.

* 1. What is the name of your reasoner?

* 2. Please provide a general description of your reasoner (in one or two sentences). See here for some examples.

* 3. Which is the home institution of your reasoner (e.g. university, or company)?

* 6. What is the current version of the reasoner?

* 7. Under which licence is the reasoner published?

* 8. Can you provide a URL to the core publication you would like to be cited for this reasoner?

* 9. Can you provide a URL to the version control / download pages for the reasoner?
Any URL to a "general" Website of the reasoner will also do.

* 10. The reasoner is

* 11. If your reasoner is incomplete, you can use this text field to indicate in what way and why (optional).

* 12. The reasoner is still under active development.

* 13. Which of the following describes the reasoner the best:

* 14. Which programming languages are used?