This poll is for agents, editors and art directors. For editors and art directors, I'm looking for those who are involved in the decision-making process re: book contracts or initial talent-scouting. Thanks!

Focus of these surveys: craft and business of writing and/or illustrating books, publishing industry. Results will be discussed at the SCBWI-Florida Regional Conference, SCBWI Metro NY Chapter (Feb event) and SCBWI-LA Writer's Day as well as summarized in later this year. You can also see other current and past surveys in the Inkygirl Survey Archives. Thanks! - Debbie Ridpath Ohi

* Which of the following best describes your work?

* When you are considering taking on a new client/author/illustrator, do you ever research them online?

* If you do online research before signing on a client/author/illustrator, has your research ever made you decide NOT to sign them on?

* If you had one tip about social media for aspiring/pre-published writers or illustrators, what would it be? (other than "don't spend more time on social media than your own work")

* If you don't mind me including your name, Twitter id, agency and/or publishing house, please list this info below.