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The Digital Writer in Residence Program provides a unique opportunity for digital and experimental writers to work in collaboration with the SA Writers Centre. The scope and details of proposed projects are up to the residents to develop (we encourage creativity and boldness) but must be delivered incorporating the requirements and platforms below.

You can engage readers, host events and/or create new work – it’s up to you – but we're really interested in supporting new work and new ideas. This opportunity is ideal for someone who is already familiar and comfortable with the digital space and is looking for a new, broader platform to share their work or experiment.

Each residency comes with a $500 stipend. 

Please refer to previous projects and residents, via our website, to get an idea of the sort of things that work well. You may also like to view the DWIR blog.

CLOSING DATE 5pm, Thursday 7th July 2016 (South Australian time). 

- Residents are to use the existing DWIR Wordpress blog and Twitter account 
- Promotional activities will be taken care of via SA Writers Centre’s Marketing Manager, Vanessa Jones. Although not guaranteed, there may be PR opportunities so we would appreciate your willingness to be involved.
- Each residency runs for six weeks from commencement date.
- Residents are required to provide a report at the end of the residency, within 30 days of completion.

The copyright of all work produced during the residency remains with the resident, but must carry the following acknowledgement:

(Your work/project name) was created with support from the SA Writers Centre through their Digital Writer in Residence Initiative. 

Any related ongoing or peripheral projects must also correctly acknowledge the program. We recommend you use a Creative Commons license for all work created as part of the residency:

Any enquiries can be directed to Vanessa Jones, Marketing Manager,

Your application will be assessed by representatives of SA Writers Centre Staff and Board. Successful applicants will be chosen based on the following criteria.


The successful applicant must:
- have a project with clearly outlined activities and goals
- have demonstrated a commitment to writing and South Australian writing communities
- have demonstrated ability to write for the digital space
- show evidence of good writing.

Preference will be given to SA Writers Centre members.


When will I find out if I am successful?
Applications close 7th July 2016 and if successful, you will be advised shortly after that date and before your residency is due to commence. Unsuccessful applicants will not be advised.

Will I get paid?

We're offering a $500 stipend to be paid by invoice upon taking up the residency. You will also be provided with a platform to share your work and supported with promotion via SA Writers Centre's existing strong networks.

What hours do I have to be there?
This opportunity is not based in the Centre, as the digital residency is done online.

Can I send a blog/portfolio link instead of a sample of writing?
Yes, if you think it showcases your best written work.

What do you mean when you say 'short' sample of writing?
Please keep your sample work short. The shorter it is, the better chance we will have time to read it thoroughly. Although assessing your writing will form part of the selection process, we will be placing more value on your objectives, your fit into the Centre and your commitment to writing and the writing community.

Do I have to undertake my residency at a certain time?
Each residency runs for six weeks. The residency date is 18th July - 28 August 2016 and the successful resident must be able to undertake the project during that time.

What should I include in my CV?
We advise that you keep it relevant to writing and only include things that will grab our attention. Relevant employment and study, writing activities, community groups, a list of publication credits is where our eye will be drawn. Please assist us by keeping the CV as short as possible.

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* 1. Contact Details:

Please provide your expression of interest by answering the following questions (maximum 500 words):

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* 2. Why do you wish to apply for this residency?

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* 3. How will it benefit your professional development?

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* 4. Please briefly describe your project proposal and activities: (project description and summary)

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* 5. What are the proposed outcomes of your project?

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* 6. What experience do you have in the digital arena (please include links where applicable):

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* 7. Please supply us with a short bio below:

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* 8. Please include a short resume (writing awards/achievements/publishing credits) (maximum 250 words):

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* 9. Please include a short sample of your writing work (maximum 1000 words). This sample may be published or unpublished material and MUST have your name and title of work on EACH page. The sample work you submit doesn't have to be writing published in the digital space.