Re-Opening Survey

For the 2020-2021 school term, the expectation set by the Mississippi Department of Education is to open schools in the fall. However, it is the South Delta School District's intent to reopen with the safety of our students and staff at the forefront, while offering equitable learning opportunities to our students. Thus, we are seeking your input on how we can re-open safely in August 2020.


Please take a few moments to complete the survey below.

Question Title

* 1. 1.     Schools should re-open traditionally in the fall:
Which means schools would continue as normal with enhanced safety precautions in place as outlined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) such as increased hand sanitizer availability, increased frequency cleaning of high touch areas, and limited visitation to campuses, etc.

Question Title

* 2. 1.     Schools should re-open using the Social Distancing/Hybrid Model:
Which means some days the students will come to their school buildings with increased safety and disinfection measures as listed above, and some days students will work from home……virtually (if internet access is available) or packets (if internet access is not available).

Question Title

* 3. 1.     Schools should remain closed using a Full Distance Learning Plan:
Which means all schools would be closed and students would participate in the learning of new material, continued standard pacing, interactive lessons, graded assignments virtually (if internet access is available) or packets (if internet access is not available)