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As a social entrepreneur, it can be tough finding the support you need.

When you're just starting up, it can be overwhelming. Even established social entrepreneurs can feel out of the loop as the economic landscape drastically changes over time (and let’s be honest, it’s all over the place). You may not always be able to confide in your team during difficult times, with a lack of dedicated spaces for social enterprises, it can feel incredibly lonely - especially in times of hardship and crisis.

In response to this, we’re building a new programme of support, to widen the participation of social entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups within the third sector, while we’re a few months away from launching, we know you’re going to love it! To find out more you can check out our crowdfunder here.

We value your time, so we’ve made this survey as ‘click-though-able’ as possible, but if you do have a little more time to expand, there are additional comment boxes throughout. It shouldn’t take much more than 15 minutes (unless you’ve got A LOT to say).

The survey is completely anonymous, we only use this data to get an overview of how social entrepreneurs across the UK are managing the rocky economic climate. We will assess what support is needed and put plans in place to get that support out to the the third sector.

We’re also sweetening the deal with some PRIZES! As the survey is anonymous, if you want to be entered into the prize draw, there will be a link at the end after you submit the survey for you to be able to submit your contact details. This will not link your details to your survey in any way.

We will close our survey on 21st May 2024 at midnight, and will draw 3 lucky winners at random the next day at noon! We have 3 separate prizes, each greater than the last:


£100 gift card to marks and spencers *ooOOooh*

Lifetime VIP membership to our new online peer support platform *aaAAaah*

6 month membership to our Glasgow-based community room *faints*

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Question Title

* 2. What is your gender identity?
(eg. non-binary, male, female, gender fluid etc...)

We appreciate the wide variety of language surrounding gender expression, so we invite you to describe this to us in your own words.

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* 3. What age are you ?

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* 4. Do you personally identify as belonging to any of the following groups?
please tick all that apply

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* 5. Do you feel you have any of the following barriers when it comes to your professional development?
please tick all that apply

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* 6. What is your home postcode?
We only use this data to get a sense of where social entrepreneurs come from. This survey is anonymous, but if you don't feel comfortable giving a full postcode, then just the first half of your postcode can also be helpful.

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