1. Introduction

A detailed review of national wood processing staff requirements, training needs and skills shortages is currently being carried out by Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology. The report will be made available free of charge in November 2018. Please note that the report will only be disseminated to businesses who have participated in this review.

There are significant changes in operations, need for trained staff and staff shortages in the wood processing and manufacturing sector. This review intends to consolidate information about these to ensure an informed response to issues identified as critical to keep your businesses afloat and competitive in future. Ideally this review needs to be carried out for each production site, rather than at a larger company level. Typically a mill or operations manager or human resources person who understands the dynamics at a site will be able to provide us with the most relevant information.

Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology is inviting you to take a short break 15 minutes to reflect and share with us your main training needs, which are impacting your business - now and in future. In return we will provide you with a detailed review of the training needs in the sawmilling and wood manufacturing sector. We intend to provide this information annually to measure whether your needs are being satisfied.

Although this was originally New Zealand based, evidence is now indicating strongly that a cross-Tasman initiative is required.
Please note, the information that you share will be treated as highly confidential and the outcome will be reported at a scale where no individual business will be identifiable. Only businesses who participate in this review will receive the final report.

Closing Date: NZ Review - extended to 16th November 2018
Closing Date : Australian Review - Friday 16th November 2018 

 If you have any comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Programme Manager for Forest Management & Wood Manufacturing, TITC / Waipa Campus Manger, Faculty of Primary Industries, Science and Environment:
Gordon Acres, Phone +64 (7) 346 8682, Mobile +64 (21) 190 3766 Email: gordon.acres@toiohomai.ac.nz.