2017-2018 Natural Leaders Trainer Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Trainer and participating fin the 2017-2018 Washington Alliance for Better Schools Natural Leaders Trainer Academy!

United we can increase academic achievement for all students by:
1) Increasing family connections to community resources
2) Leveraging community resources, and
3) Increasing family engagement in their children’s education

Jennifer Martinez, Family Engagement Program Manager
Washington Alliance for Better Schools
Shoreline Conference Center
18560 - 1st Ave NE | Shoreline, WA 98155

For more information about the Natural Leader Program please visit http://www.wabsalliance.org 

* 1. Contact Information: Please complete all the fields below

* 2. School District

* 3. School (s)

* 4. Number of years been a Natural Leader

* 5. Were you a Natural Leader Trainer last year?

* 6. Were you a Natural Leader STEM Facilitator last year?

* 7. List some events you have helped sponsor as a Natural Leader:

* 8. What was your role in those events?

* 9. Anything else you want to tell us about your work as a Natural Leader?

* 10. Why do you want to be a Natural Leader Trainer?

* 11. What skills would you like to learn by becoming a Natural Leader Trainer?

* 12. Have you attended the “New Natural Leader Training” Before?

* 13. If yes, how many times have you attended the New Natural Leader Training?

* 14. Have you graduated or do you attend the Parent Mentor Certificate Program at Edmonds Community College?

* 15. Are you attending the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) at Everett Community College?

* 16. How do you learn best?

* 17. What other language (s) do you speak?

* 18. Will you be able to attend the Natural Leaders Welcome Session on Monday, September 25th from 9:30 am-2pm?

* 19. Will you be able to attend the Natural Leader Trainer Academy cohort of three-day sessions? The trainings are in the mornings from 9:30am to 2:00pm on the following Mondays:
➢ October 2nd
➢ October 9th 
➢ October 16th

* 20. Childcare will be provided. Please let us know if you need childcare for younger children.

* 21. If yes, how many children and what ages?

* 22. Please review the Natural Leader Trainer Roles and Responsibilities and complete all the fields below.