Coaches must be registered with the CSCTA as an “A1” or “B” member, Swimming Canada and meet the minimum NCCP requirements as outlined in the Swimming Canada National Registration Policy & Membership Procedures Manual to receive a Deck Accreditation Card and access to the pool deck. Accreditation cards must be visible while on deck.

Club deck accreditations (inclusive of coaches, team manager and support staff):

1–5 swimmers 2 accreditations
6-10 swimmers 3 accreditations
11-15 swimmers 4 accreditations
16-20 swimmers 5 accreditations
21-30 swimmers 6 accreditations
31+ swimmers 7 accreditations

Extra accreditations may be purchased at a cost of $60.00 per accreditation and are based on availability.

The Deck Accreditation Card remains the property of Swimming Canada and can be withdrawn, with immediate effect, at Swimming Canada’s sole discretion. By using this Card, individuals agree to be filmed, televised, photographed, identified and otherwise recorded during the Swimming Canada Designated Competition under the conditions and for the purposes now and hereafter authorized by Swimming Canada in relations to the promotion of Swimming Canada and the development of the sport of swimming.

By accepting the Accreditation card you agree that all photographs and moving images taken by yourself within any Swimming Canada designated event including those of athletes competing within any championship venue shall be used solely for personal and non-commercial purposes, unless the prior written consent is obtained from Swimming Canada. The individual confirms that they fulfill the qualifications required by Swimming Canada in order to use this Deck Accreditation Card. The individual also agrees to information about themselves being collected by Swimming Canada and the Organizing Committee and such data being stored and used by them, and, where necessary, third parties, for the purposes of facilitating my participation in, and/or organizing the Swimming Canada Designated Competition

Please be advised that deck accreditations should not be provided to children, youth or adults that are not participants in the competition, either as an athlete, coach, support staff or volunteer/official. Insurance and risk management do not extend to non-supervised minors or individuals that are age of majority that are not part of the competition either as a participant, coach, support staff or event volunteer/official.

Please note: Recruiting activities in the competition venue during Swimming Canada Designated Competitions are strictly prohibited. Any violation of this restriction will result in the revocation of a support staff's Deck Accreditation.