* 1. What are the top four potential hazard events that are of most concern to you as a City of Lawrence stakeholder?

* 2. Which of the following are most vulnerable to impacts of natural hazards? (Please rank in order of vulnerability concern to you, 1 being most vulnerable and 6 being least vulnerable.)

  1 (Most Vulnerable) 2 3 4 5 6 (Least Vulnerable)
PEOPLE:  Loss of life and/or injuries
ECONOMIC:  Business interruptions, closures,  job losses, personal property damage etc.
INFRASTRUCTURE: Damage/loss of roads, bridges, power, schools etc.
CULTURAL/HISTORIC:  Damage or loss to historic properties, neighborhood character
ENVIRONMENT:  Damage, contamination or loss of resource areas
GOVERNANCE: Ability to maintain order and/or provide public amenities & services

* 3. How would you make Lawrence more resilient?  Please tell us how important each community element is to you by checking the appropriate column for each row.

  Very important Somewhat Important Neutral Not Very Important Not Important
Protecting private property
Protecting critical facilities & infrastructure (transportation, water/sewer treatment plants, hospital etc.)
Limiting development in hazard areas
Enhancing function of natural resource assets (wetlands, streams, open space areas etc.)
Protecting historic & cultural landmarks
Protecting and reducing damage to utilities
Strengthening emergency services (police, fire, ambulance)
Promoting cooperation among public agencies, neighborhood groups, businesses and non-profits

* 4. How would you best characterize your role as a City of Lawrence stakeholder?