GEOLOOM co>map is an online mapping tool that demonstrates how arts and culture is woven into Baltimore’s neighborhoods and social fabric. The goal of GEOLOOM co>map is to insure that every Baltimore community receives the attention and support needed to establish and maintain livability throughout the city. The tool is intended for a wide audience, including arts and culture organizations, urban planners, non-profits, researchers, community associations, activists, developers, artists, and residents. For more information about the GEOLOOM co>map, please visit If you have any additional questions, please email

The collection of artist data will help identify how artists, arts organizations, nonprofits, businesses, residents, and neighborhoods, can all mutually benefit each other. Artists can identify how to tailor their work to specific communities by learning about preferences, demographics, and needs of different neighborhoods. The map will include resources, workspaces, and exhibit and performance locations. Additionally, schools, organizations, and businesses will be able to identify individual artists that would be most appropriate work with them on projects. The tool hopes to aid in making connections between artists and opportunities with groups within neighborhoods and across the City of Baltimore.

The Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance (BNIA) at the University of Baltimore is the project manager of GEOLOOM co>map. Key partners include the Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts (BOPA), the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, and the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance (GBCA).

In order to be included on the map, please fill out the 2-minute “Artist Data Form” below:
(*asterisks denote information that will be publicly displayed on the GEOLOOM co>map)

Question Title

1. Please provide the following information.

Question Title

2. Please check all the options below that describe your work.*

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3. I would like to be mapped by the following type of location. If one location serves multiple purposes, please select all that apply to that one location (for example, if your home space is also your studio space or if your music group both works and performs in the same space). Note that you will located as a point on the map, but your exact address will not appear.*

If you would like to submit multiple locations (for example, one location for your workspace and one location for your performance space), feel free to submit this form multiple times.

Question Title

4. Please provide the following for the location where you would like to be mapped. Note that you will located as a point on the map, but your exact address will not appear.

If you would like to attach a photo to display with your information, please email the photo as an attachment to along with your name and address information.