Building your business requires good education and marketing to real estate professionals and the general public. When you become a member of Golden Gate ASHI, you save money on education, become more visible to the real estate community, and improve your proficiency as a professional inspector.

The primary marketing goal of Golden Gate ASHI is to make Bay Area real estate professionals automatically think of our members when choosing a home inspector. We have exciting public relations efforts underway, and are currently developing cooperative relationships with organizations such as Westcon, East Bay AIA, and Build It Green.

Annual dues for 2016-2017 are $165.


Regular opportunities to network and collaborate with home inspection professionals and those in other related professions.

Participation in the chapter internet GoogleGroups discussion forum. Find out what your fellow inspectors are seeing and doing, tell your stories, ask your questions, and share your answers. You’ll be surprised how much you learn! AN INVALUABLE RESOURCE!

Listing on the Chapter website, Chapter Members with Member status in ASHI will be included on all county listing pages of their choice. Chapter members with Associate status in ASHI will be listed on a single county page of their choice. [If you do not provide this information, you will NOT be listed on the chapter website.] Affiliates are not eligible for website listing at this time.

Please NOTE: Annual Local Chapter Dues are in addition to the National ASHI® dues, billed separately by the national offices. Local dues are designed to allow more local representation and local member support services.

1. Full Name:

2. Company Name & Mailing Address [Including city, state, zip]

3. Office Telephone Number (will be posted on the website)

4. Email Address & Website Address (please provide BOTH if applicable!)

5. Please indicate your Membership Status:

An ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI) has completed all requirements for National ASHI® membership

An ASHI Associate with Logo-Use Privileges has completed all requirements for National ASHI® membership EXCEPT completing 250 fee-paid inspections compliant with ASHI® standards.

An ASHI® Associate has joined ASHI® National but has not yet completed ASHI® requirements to move up in membership status.

A GGASHI Affiliate does NOT belong to ASHI, but has related interests. Affiliates may claim discounted rates offered to chapter members for chapter events. Becoming a Chapter Affiliate does not establish nor constitute any relationship with ASHI® National. Affiliate membership does not guarantee participation in some aspects of chapter membership, which are by invitation only and must be approved by the GGASHI Board of Directors.