Academic Data

* 1. What grade(s) is your child(ren) in?

* 2.

How comfortable are you with communicating with your child(ren)'s teacher/s and school administration?

* 3.

Do you feel your child(ren) needs additional help in any of the following areas?  Check all that apply.

* 4. What educational resource(s) are your children receiving?

* 5. When would be the best time for your child(ren) to receive academic services?

* 6. What would you say are your main concerns right now?

Behavioral Data

* 7. Please select the extra-curricular activities your child(ren) are involved with at school?

* 8. What do you see or what would you like to see offered at school to improve your child(ren)'s educational experience?

* 9.

Has your child(ren) experienced any problems at school that you would like to share?

Cultural Data

* 10.

In which cultural areas(s) would your child(ren) benefit?  Please rank each area below in order of importance to you and your family:  (1 is most important - 5 is least important)

  Most Important 2 3 4 Least Important
Native American History
Tribal Government
Anishinaabe or other Native American Customs
Cultural Activities

* 11.

Would your child(ren) like to participate in Anishinaabemowin Language Online Virtual Classes in collaboration with the Grand Traverse Band of Odawa and Chippewa? 

* 12.

Is there anything you would like to comment on regarding this section?


Career Planning

* 13.

Where does your child(ren) plan to continue their education after high school?

* 14.

How comfortable are you at helping your child(ren) with a college application?

* 15. How would your child(ren) most likely use a Middle/High School Mentoring Program, which would be in addition to your child(ren)'s school guidance counselor?

* 16.

Please comment on anything else you feel we may have missed on the survey questionnaire.