1. Score a copy of "Close But No Cigar" by the DLO3

You've heard him live in the KNKX studios with fellow Tacoman Kareem Kandi, and now he's in the spotlight - Hammond organ master Delvon Lamarr's debut with his organ trio, the DLO3, is out now, and it's just the thing to steam up a cold winter in the Northwest.

Close But No Cigar is a funky, soulful, greasy collection of mostly originals, as well as clever re-imagined classics by Al Green and Booker T Washington. Jimmy James is a burner on guitar with a psychedelic blues flavor that honors the spirit of Jimi Hendrix, and drummer David McGraw keeps the groove deep in the pocket, with Delvon's tasty comping and solos providing both the meat and potatoes of DLO3's heaping platter of soul jazz.


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