Recruiting Survey - Recruiter Feud Edition

Jim Durbin, the Social Media Headhunter, is collecting responses Family Feud style for a presentation to the Dallas/Fort Worth Recruiter Association and TalentNetLive.

The survey is simple - just write the first response that comes to your mind, and be sure to share when you're done!

* 1. What is the most over-hyped technology for 2017?

* 2. How many interviews does a company need to make an informed decision on a candidate?

* 3. What is the most effective tool in your recruiting arsenal?

* 4. Who is the greatest villain in the hiring process?

* 5. What phone call do you dread the most?

* 6. How long does it take to get really, ridiculously good as a recruiter?

* 7. What title in the recruiting industry makes you want to start stabbing people?

* 8. What is a fair percentage of salary to charge for a third party placement?

* 9. What website do you really use the most for recruiting?

* 10. If LinkedIn went away tomorrow, what percentage of recruiters would quit within six months?

* 11. What is the dumbest question that hiring managers ask?

* 12. What social media site is a waste of time for recruiters?

* 13. The worst reference call I ever took was from a candidate's:

* 14. The recruiting industry could use more of what?

* 15. What are you thoughts on social media screening?

* 16. Mobile Recruiting is:

* 17. I need video interviews like I need:

* 18. I really miss ________ in recruiting.

* 19. When people ask me what I do, I tell them:

* 20. If the Trump administration banned recruiters for 90 days, the results would be: