The Most Sought After Live Wire Radio! Survey Ever!

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Thankyou for agreeing to participate in our survey! There are only 21 teeny tiny questions. Sure, we’re nosy, but this information will help us serve you better. Okay, everyone says that. We actually mean it. The information helps us get funding, improve the show, and makes us look like we are super-wonky. It’s a win-win…win. A “win” trifecta. So, see? You are really helping us. Thank you! We’ll shut up now and let you wor.…oops, we mean help us.

* 1. What's your age?

* 2. What's your gender?

* 3. What's your zipcode?

* 4. What's your level of education?

* 5. What's your family income level?

* 6. How many times in the last 12 months have you attended A Live Wire! taping?

* 7. How many times in the last 12 months have you listened to a Live Wire! podcast?

* 8. How many times in the last 12 months have you listened to Live Wire! on the radio?

* 9. In what way do you most frequently experience Live Wire Radio?

* 10. Why do you attend /listen to Live Wire!? (select one only)

* 11. Whew -you're half-way done! Ok, what is your favorite element in the show? (List in order, with 1=strongest element, 6=least strong)

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Musical guests
Faces for Radio Theater (sketch comedy group)
Participating in a radio show taping
Variety (a mix of all of the above)

* 12. If we were to INCREASE the amount of time spent on any one of these segments, which would you prefer MORE of?

* 13. Do you enjoy the venue (Aladdin Theater)?

* 14. What do you like MOST about the Aladdin Theater venue? (check one)

* 15. What do you DISLIKE MOST about the Aladdin Theater venue? (check one)

* 16. Would you be (more/less) likely to attend if the show were in a different location?

* 17. Would you be interested in watching Live Wire! on television?
(public broadcasting or commercial)

* 18. Would you recommend Live Wire! to others?

* 19. How do you find out about Live Wire!? (Check all that apply.)

* 20. Are you currently an OPB member?

* 21. Any additional comments, suggestions, etc?

Live Wire! is a non-profit organization completely independent from OPB and receives no financial support from the station. Your participation in this survey helps us find new sources of support to keep us from being Dead Wire!. Because no one wants to see or hear a show called Dead Wire!